Saturday, May 22, 2010

Family Basket

We had a Relief Society Service Auction.  It is always so much fun, but it is soooooo HARD to come up with stuff.  I have done family home evening kits befroe, but wanted to change it up a little so I took a few ideas and put them together.

In our stake they are putting a focus on growing the stake spiritually so I tried to go along with that theme and put together a family basket to make family scripture study easy, as well as a family home evening lesson and lastly just for fun, they say family dinner time is so beneficial to children.  So I put in a jar of Table Talk questions.

For Family Scripture Study:
I got the idea from this post on Family Scripture Study.
I put a covered Book of Mormon.  The idea is from here.
Laminated Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery Cards printed from here.

For Family Home Evening:
I copied a lesson on Family from the book Before They Turn Twelve by Deborah Pace Rowley.  It is a book of family home evenings based on For the Strength of Youth Pamphlet, you can print it off or get an actual pamphlet for free here.

Included where laminated copies of the Contention Monsters and Angels ncluded in the lesson as well as lamanated name tags from this website.  If you type in Free Printable Name Tags in your search engine, there are lots of options.

Dinner Conversation:
Table Talk Jar of questions printed from here.  There are 5 sets, I included the first one.
I put it all together and this is what it looks like.
I didn't explain what it was very well so it wasn't a huge success but hopefully it will encourage a family to do any of the things mentioned, Family Home Evening, Family Scripture Study, and Family Dinners.  I kept the bottom one for our family.

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