Saturday, February 27, 2010

Car Seat Tent

When I went to Education Week at BYU Utah, there was a craft fair at the high school across the street.  I was introduced to Eletent.  I thought it was a fabulous idea.  Then a friend got one last year for her new baby, oh how I covetted it!  Well now that I am trying to be crafty I searched the web and found several tutorials that showed me how to make one.  I finally did...for some one else.  I am sad to be done having babies so I won't be making these things for my use, but hopefully those that I make them for enjoy them!
Here are some tutorials that I used for inspiration.  There are things that I loved and things that I was too intimidated to try.  So here is my research.  Hopefully you can find it helpful!
  • Craft Gossip This one is the most basic and simple.
  • Calico this one was my favorite, but the most intimidating.
  • Stitches and Scissors this one is middle of the road.  The binding is what intimidated me the most.
Jackson wasn't thrilled about being a model for an infant carseat, especially since he is officially a one year old!

For the fabric I used a fabric pack from JoAnn's, basically it was 6 fat Quarters for the quilt top and 1 yard of flannel for the backing.  I cut each of the six different fabrics in strips of 3, 5, and 7 inch strips then cut those strips in half.  Then I sewed all the same size stips together and cut them for the proper lengths so the seams didn't line up.  I tried to not make it into a pattern so it looked a little bit eclectic, yet was very linear.  I think the overall size was 40" by 34". (I had enough left over to make the top of the Diaper/Wipe Clutch but needed a litle bit more fabric for the inside.)

Like I mentioned before I am fearful of binding so I sewed the two pieces right sides facing together (is there a right side to flannel?) then sewed, turned and top stitched around the edge.

I am not trained at sewing so I feel I am not that good, but the more I read the more I learn that most people just pick it up and do it, imperfections and all.  I am having a blast and can not wait to get my mind around my next project!  I am working on a copy cat pattern of a commercial thing, we will see how it goes!

Wedding shower gift

I came across this idea for pillow cases.  For the life of me I can not find the idea, it was for a bridal shower.  I am getting old enough that all I get invited to is baby showers, I am too young to know the people as their parents friend and too old to be their age...sad isn't it!  So I was thrilled when I got invited to a bridal shower (a friend's sister) and got to seize the opportunity to give this gift:

Jeremy says it would be the last gift he would give and is charmingly embarrased.  I think of it as a communitcation tool and pretty cool in the decoration department as well.  I followed Homemade by Jill's Tutorial for a Silhouette Pillow when she guest posted on U Create.  It was a lot of fun and think I might want to stock up on pillows!

Just a note the font I used was Harrington,  The font size was 300 for Mr. and Mrs. and 200 for the ampersand (and sign).  Another idea if you only want to make one is "Tonight?" and "Not Tonight!"  A friend told me her parents had one and it was funny because you always new who was in the room last!  I stamped "in the MOOD!" using a Stampin' up Alphabet and their Craft ink.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Twirl Charm pack skirt

I followed the tutorial found at One Hip Mom's Blog, you can find the tutorial here.  I let the girls pick out fabric for their birthday and made them each a skirt (well I have made one, the other I will start today).  They love it!
I used the Moda Blush Fabric by Basic Grey.  I found the Crazy Quilt Girl Fabric Shop. (closed until the 20th)  the prices are cheaper than other places and the owner was very knowledgeable and helpful!  I look forward to buying from here in the future!

Edited to add this picture with all three skirts done!

I've been busy

It was my first Valentine's Day where I thought I would be crafty for the kids classrooms.  I followed a tutorial that I can't find anymore but similar to this blog post.  The first turned out OK but towards the end they were pretty near perfect!  Once I got the hang of it, it became easy. Here is the tutorial that I followed over at How Does She?

I found that if you opened the cookies (I used Double Stuf) when you pressed in the stick if you turned the stick while pressingyou had less breakage.  Also when dipping I held the cookie with the stick going straight up and spooned the chocolate over it.  Then using a slotted spoon I scooped it up and tapped the spoon on the side of the dish to get off the extra chocolate.  Then I was able to push the oreo off dragging the bottom along the side of the spoon onto the wax paper.  The tapping created a nice smoothe finish on the top.

Then for our primary kids at church I made Sugar cookie pops using some friend's pans. You can see the pans here.
It was a cookie pop kind of day.