Friday, January 29, 2010


I made a cute banner for a friend's baby shower. I went to another friend's house and used her Big Shots Sizzix Die Cutting machine, and I will tell you that I am trying to make a reasonable offer to Jeremy trying to prove to him I need one! I decided to make some for my kids bedroom doors as well.

The sign above the boys room written in Logan's hand says "No littel giles in my room and Big giles can't come in my room win boys are indie of my room. If theyr are more then 2 boy Gryles can't come in. (Happy Face) Logan Sihn" Kind of funny huh?

Modified Frames

I bought these frames for the twins room. It has been the only room that I truly did get to decorate. When all the girls moved to one room I changed the pictures but hadn't gotten around to livening the up with color. Their walls are white so the white frame and white matting blends together. Here are the completed frames. The frames are simple and add a little personality to the bland plainess that is white.

Black Apple Doll

I have now made about three of these and am willing to experiment. Hopefully I will get to them soon. I will be making Haylie and Hannah each one for thier birthday. It was fun to go to Joann's to pick out their own fabric.

Diaper and Wipe Clutch

Not that long ago I gave up my oh so tiny purse, basically big enough for my wallet and my cell phone. For my birthday I got a grown up purse...well a bigger purse so I wouldn't have to carry a diaper bag unless I wanted to. It is big enough for the necessities. I have seen a couple Diaper/Wipe clutches and wanted to make one. I didn't find a pattern so I came up with this one. I will make another one soon and try to do a tutorial, since those are all the rave.

I did my first successful button hole. That was scary I didn't want to ruin my project over the last finishing touch! I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

Burp Cloths

While I didn't use a pattern I coined the idea off of several websites. It is simply 8x12" fabric, one cotton and one minky, sewn with right sides together, leaving a little hole for turning. Then top stitch the edges. Very simple but very nice. The minky fabric is so soft and silky almost like a lovie.

Stamped Onesies

My friend gave me some onesies to stamp for her. I think they turned out super cute.

The one on the left says "Mommy's Cutie Pie." It has a slice of pie on the front middle as well as baby's bottom! On the right from top to bottom: A Flower design with a flower on the sleeve and the baby's name, the next one down says "Future Gamer." They are a gaming family, I would try to explain it but I wouldn't do it right. The last one says "MUNNS {first edition}" This is for their long awaited little girl who happens to be their first child. I had so much fun making these, it made me break out some of my craft supplies that I have been neglecting since I got my sewing machine.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I wish...

I had all the money in the world I would make this for each of my friends and their new babies! It is a tote with a matching quilt! Isn't this beautiful?!

You can find directions (aka recipes) at the The Moda Bakeshop.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cup Cozy's

A friend made cup cozy's for her husband's co-worker and I thought it would be a great teacher gift with some hot cocoa and hot cider. A small thank you for all that they get to deal with!

Here is the link for the template I used. They were really easy to make and did not require much time either. I ended up make these for a few of Jeremy's co-workers and got them a gift card to starbucks. When I bought the gift card I asked for a cup too and they were more than willing!