Monday, August 23, 2010

Cupcake Tower

Over at Annie's Eats she gave a great tutorial on how to make a cupcake tower.  I am helping put together a baby shower this week and thought this was perfect since I was planning on doing cupcakes.  Here is my attempt.  I am pretty happy with it.  Imagine, cupcakes in pink papers with white frosting piled on top and two mini oreos. (The theme is double stuf'd)

Monday, August 16, 2010


It seems like there are plenty of tutorials on the web for clutches.  Jeremy told me on a Monday morning that they were doing a secret pal thing at work and he needed a homemade item for her...THAT DAY!  So I thought of a clutch.  I came across a tutorial that I really did want to try and I had enough fabric to make this one!

This is the inside, I did the pocket divider as well as the card holder.

The tutorial can be found here by Anna of Noodlehead which is a great resource for sewing!

A friend, Liz, had made a clutch that I instantly adored, it took some time, but when another friend, Camelia asked if I had made one, I asked Liz for the tutorial, which is found here by Christine at From an Igloo.

This tutorial was a little harder to follow.  Attaching the band at the top was the only part that was confusing.

Hopefully this makes sense but I unfolded the top part into a tube.  Then putting the tube over the purse right side fabrics together.  (make sure the outside fabric is on top)  I sewed that then turned the tube right.  then with the crease from ironing I pinned it on the inside, so it created a top stitched look on the outside, but sewed the lining on the inside.  When I make another I will try and take pictures so it makes better sense!