Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Luke from Endor

For Halloween Logan wanted to be Luke from Endor.
Jeremy was just as excited as Logan. Since the main part of the costume is just a poncho it wasn't too hard. The tricky part was sewing on the hood, until I did it! I will have to get some better pictures so you can see it better, but for now here it is:

Dish Towel Dress

A friend of mine found out I am really enjoying this sewing thing so she gave me a dishtowel that looks like a dress and asked me to figure out a way to replicate it so she can make a new one. Here is a picture of what it looks like:

I used various stuff I had left over from other projects and made this:

It was fairly simple and I made it in less then three hours, plus multiple interuptions! I actually think it would make a cute dress. I realize the ruffles arn't perfect but, but bad for a trial and error huh?!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ping Pong All-Star

Do you have a die hard ping pong player in your home??? WE don't either but it is shaping up to be a fun costume. Check out the passionate ping pong player belt. Everything at your finger tips!

You can't really see in the picture but the belt is camo for the real enthusiast!

Crayon Rolls

Crayon Rolls and matching church bags:

Here are four of the five bags with the matching crayon rolls. The bags were $1.00 each, and the crayons were BOGO so for the roll, and bag it cost me about $5.50 for each gift. Not bad! It helped that my friend has a ton of fabric samples and I only had to buy material for Logan.

Placemat Bag

I started this craft at a Midnight Madness (most people do a Super Saturday). Once a year through church they put together what is basically a crafting day workshop. I think this was actually two years ago. To do this you buy a placemat, you know the kind you set your table with, fold it in half, the top sides facing eachother. Then sew along the edges. Next you fold what will be the side of the bag to match up with the bottom and sew a straight line. You will end up with a triangle. I cut the triangle off and made tiny straps to attach the handles. It is not pretty but it serves its purpose. You can buy handles in many shapes, styles and sizes at your favorite craft store!