Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wedding shower gift

I came across this idea for pillow cases.  For the life of me I can not find the idea, it was for a bridal shower.  I am getting old enough that all I get invited to is baby showers, I am too young to know the people as their parents friend and too old to be their age...sad isn't it!  So I was thrilled when I got invited to a bridal shower (a friend's sister) and got to seize the opportunity to give this gift:

Jeremy says it would be the last gift he would give and is charmingly embarrased.  I think of it as a communitcation tool and pretty cool in the decoration department as well.  I followed Homemade by Jill's Tutorial for a Silhouette Pillow when she guest posted on U Create.  It was a lot of fun and think I might want to stock up on pillows!

Just a note the font I used was Harrington,  The font size was 300 for Mr. and Mrs. and 200 for the ampersand (and sign).  Another idea if you only want to make one is "Tonight?" and "Not Tonight!"  A friend told me her parents had one and it was funny because you always new who was in the room last!  I stamped "in the MOOD!" using a Stampin' up Alphabet and their Craft ink.

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  1. What a fun and unique gift! It would certainly be the talk of the shower.


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