Monday, August 16, 2010


It seems like there are plenty of tutorials on the web for clutches.  Jeremy told me on a Monday morning that they were doing a secret pal thing at work and he needed a homemade item for her...THAT DAY!  So I thought of a clutch.  I came across a tutorial that I really did want to try and I had enough fabric to make this one!

This is the inside, I did the pocket divider as well as the card holder.

The tutorial can be found here by Anna of Noodlehead which is a great resource for sewing!

A friend, Liz, had made a clutch that I instantly adored, it took some time, but when another friend, Camelia asked if I had made one, I asked Liz for the tutorial, which is found here by Christine at From an Igloo.

This tutorial was a little harder to follow.  Attaching the band at the top was the only part that was confusing.

Hopefully this makes sense but I unfolded the top part into a tube.  Then putting the tube over the purse right side fabrics together.  (make sure the outside fabric is on top)  I sewed that then turned the tube right.  then with the crease from ironing I pinned it on the inside, so it created a top stitched look on the outside, but sewed the lining on the inside.  When I make another I will try and take pictures so it makes better sense!

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